We’ve been working hard!

St John’s is as vibrant and busy as it has ever been. The children have been working hard and the work in the books and on display in the classrooms is testimony to this.

Thank you to those parents who have come in to visit and meet the teachers. There will be more opportunities in the coming weeks, so make sure you read the newsletter for up-to-date information.

Now the roof is finished the playground is clear of scaffolding we are looking to enhance the playground. Our newly appointed School Council are gathering ideas for having a ‘trim trail’ for the children to use. In time these children will put together a ‘design brief’ that will be shared with potential contractors. It may take some months before the project is completed because of the competitive tendering process and the fact that the weather will be against us, but we will keep you updated nevertheless.

We have other teams of pupil leadership and are very thankful for those in the Catholic Life Committee and our Reading Buddies who too, are helping in making this an even better community.


Now, more than ever, whilst you are taking part in home learning, it is important to be aware and be safe online.

Please use our Online Safety Page here.

Need some advice during this difficult time?

New Prospective Parents Information about St. John’s Catholic School

Here is a video to help you to get a flavour of life at St. John’s.

Here is a letter introducing you to St. John’s Catholic School.

Here is a list of FAQ – Frequently Answered Questions.

Here is St. John’s School Prospectus and  also the Curriculum Prospectus.

If there is anything else you would like to know please do not hesitate to contact us on office@st-john.southwark.sch.uk.

A message for families from Southwark Council

We understand there are many children and families who have high needs and we will continue to have these families in mind and do what we can to offer them the support and help they need when we are able to. The council has a webpage that you may find useful with details of support including a hardship fund for emergency support.

Here is some more information about how Southwark may be able to help you.

The telephone number for the fund is 0207 525 2434

Parents. Text a School Nurse




Year 5 Sailing!

Year 5 had a sequence of sailing lessons at the Dockland Watersports Centre.  All the children worked towards the Royal Yachting Association Level 1 Certificate for Dinghy Sailing.  There was a lot to learn and remember, especially when out on the water with the wind filling the sail and having to work with your partner so you didn’t run into anyone else!  It was

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Military Activity Day

The children in KS2 have been really fortunate to take part in Military Activity Day which focused on them keeping fit and co-operating with each other. They learned the importance of being physically active by completing military style obstacle courses. They learned about the importance of working together to achieve a common goal and worked as a team on two very challenging problem-solving activities. The children had great fun learning outdoor

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Maypole Dancing

​The children from Reception to Year 3 had a special Maypole dancing session in the school playground.  They had great fun learning how to Maypole dance; listening to the music, following the instructions, counting and skipping around, in and out so that the ribbons would plait on the pole. The children had a great time and were so excited to be doing things together finally, I hope this has

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