Curriculum Vision

To develop in children an excitement and curiosity about the world around them and a love of learning.

At St. John’s we aim to stimulate children’s curiosity and challenge them to explore learning in depth, as encouraged by the National Curriculum. We recognise that children need to learn skills, in order to equip them with the learning tools essential for life-long learning. Therefore planning focuses on skills to enable children to become Historians, Artists, Musicians etc.

We value Learning Outside the Classroom as a key part of this; we endeavour to ensure the pupils learn from real and practical learning experiences. In addition to this we recognise the need to offer pupils these essential wider life experiences and therefore seek to make the most of the opportunities presented by living in London.  As a Green Flag School we recognise the importance of environmental awareness being part of the curriculum. ​

Here is our Curriculum prospectus – our Statements of Intent for each area of the Curriculum. 


Teaching of phonics begins in the Nursery and continues throughout Reception and into Years 1 and 2 using the Collins ‘Song of Sounds’ programme. This teaches the letters in a specific sequence and in growing complexity, with words taught alongside the sounds. Children may progress quickly through each phase or may need extra support as they move through each of the phases.

Please take the time to have a look at their website and practice with your child.

Song of Sounds – Parent page


Reading at St John’s is taught in two ways – individually and in Guided Reading sessions. The KS1 guided reading texts used are ‘Collins’ and match the phonics phase the children are working within. Our reading scheme includes the Oxford Reading Tree series and children will take home a book appropriate to their reading level. It is expected that parents will read with their child every day.

More information

For further detail on the Curriculum at St. John’s Catholic School please see the Class Termly Newsletters published under Newsletters. If you have any queries about the curriculum please contact the School Office via the Contact us Page, in the first instance.

Please download our School Prospectus below. This will give you information on the school’s curriculum subject by subject.