Admission Downloads:

To Apply

Remember that to apply for a school place you will need to complete the Suppementary Form as well as the Common Application Form (CAF). Thank you for considering our school for your child.

Key Elements of our Policy

  • St Johns Catholic Primary School is situated in the Diocese of Southwark and is maintained by the Southwark Local Education Authority.
  • The Governing Body of the school is responsible for determining and administering the policy relating to the admission of pupils to the school. It is guided in that responsibility by the requirements of the law, by the advice of the Diocesan Trustees, and its duty to the school and the Catholic community.
  • The school serves the parish of St Johns.
  • Having consulted the LA and others in accord with the requirements of the law, the Governing Body has set as it’s planned admissions number as thirty pupils.
  • Applications for these places must be made on line at by the published date.  Applicants must also complete a supplementary form (Supplementary Information and Priest’s Declaration Form), which should be returned to the school.
  • Completion of an Application Form does not mean that a child is guaranteed a place at the school.  Once the offer of a place has been made by the LA, the school will request two proofs of residential address and the child’s original birth certificate.
  • Pupils who are admitted to the school will enter the Reception Class in September.

Admissions Procedure

In addition to the Common Application Form supplied by the LA, which must be made on line at, the Supplementary Information and Priest’s Declaration Form, available from the school, must be completed and returned to the school not later than the closing date published by the LA.

The Supplementary Information and Priest’s Declaration Form MUST be completed if you wish your son/daughter to be considered for a place.