Now Press Play

Now Press Play is an educational resource that uses sound, story and movement, to immerse children in the world of their topic. Through a series of active and stimulating lessons, Now Press Play captures children’s interest and helps to accelerate their learning. It brings the Curriculum to life and is an engaging start to a topic or a wonderful way to deepen learning. The children put on wireless headphones and are plunged into the world of their topic.

Press Play makes you come out of your comfort zone and it helps you to imagine…


“I remember the Press Play on Neil Armstrong. It helped me remember lots and it helped with my homework. I liked pretending to be Neil Armstrong and I remember that he took ‘one small step for man and a big leap for mankind.’ Press Play helps with my memory. I can even remember some of the Press Play stories we did in Year 1.”

“People learn in different ways and  different people learn different things.”

 “ It is good to listen in Press Play. You learn a lot from listening and when I put the headphones on I am in my own world.”

 Pupils in Year 2

“Press Play is fun. It teaches you lots of interesting facts and I found it fascinating that Vikings did not all wear helmets with horns. I learnt lots when we did the Viking Press Play and this helped me afterwards when we were learning about and making Viking long boats and Viking shields.”

Pupil in Year 5

Investing in Press Play

The school has invested in Press Play as we value experience, imagination, inclusivity and fun. Children learn best through experience – and Press Play is central to our vision of giving children an education that allows them to fulfil their potential.

A number of  years ago the children took part in a trial session – they immediately engaged in this new technology and after consultation with the children we have subscribed to this resource as they articulated the benefits of Press Play so clearly and with such passion for learning.

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