The Catholic Life of the School

I love reflecting in the woodlands, because I would like to see more of God’s creation.

(Year 2 pupil)

October as the month of the Rosary

The children of the school celebrated October as the month of the Rosary by taking the  time to pray a decade of the rosary before school as well as in the classroom.  We invited parents to join in with prayers when we stood outside to share our prayers.

Easter celebration videos for 2021:

St. John’s Catholic School Stations of the cross

Reception Class celebrate Holy Week

Reception Class – Palm Sunday

The Wednesday Word:

Here is a link to The Wednesday Word. Please take time every week to share this with your children.



Here are some prayers for the children of St. John’s and their families to say at home.

RE Learning Grids:


Here is a meditation for this week to help you focus and relax.

Section 48 Inspection Report:

To download the latest report, please click on the link below:

Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception Catholic Church is directly opposite our school and the children regularly attend Mass at the Church. Here is a link to the Parish Website.

The Catholic Teaching Alliance is a group of schools and colleges in SE London and Kent who are committed to offering young people learning opportunities of the highest possible quality, enhanced by the distinctive Catholic ethos. Their School Direct placements are in partnership with St Mary’s University College who are ‘Outstanding’ teacher training providers. Here is a link to their website.

Thanksgiving prayer sessions in the Woodlands – June 2021

Last week all the classes took part in the thanksgiving prayer sessions in the Woodlands. The children had the opportunity to admire nature and thanked God for the beauty of his creation. It was an amazing experience for all the children. They could feel the presence of God in everything around them.

”Thank you God for the grass we are sitting on and all the birds that sing to us in the morning.”

Said Sofia (Year 2).

Lord God, all power and strength belongs to you,

for you have created the heavens and the earth,

and all that is in them.

May we give our love to you each day,

And care for the world that you have given us.


Liturgical Year:

Liturgical School Events March – July 2019

Here are photographs taken during the Liturgical Year showing celebrations, acts of worship and opportunities for fund raising.

Russia Dock Woodlands:

Here are photographs of Prayer and Reflection in Russia Dock Woodlands.

May – the month of Mary 2017:

The sun shone on the last Friday of May when we celebrated ‘May – the month of Mary’ outside in the school grounds. There was a great sense of calm and reflection diuring this wonderful celebration out in the open air.

Reflection in the Woodlands:

Here are some photographs of Year 2 enjoying the ‘Reflection in the Woodlands’ Week. Each class visited the woodlands area as part of their RE Lesson and experienced an opportunity to pray and reflect out in the open air. This is an annual event in the school and the sun always shines!

May Procession 2016:

Here are photographs of the special May Procession we held. Each class visited the Hall where they were able to reflect on the life of Mary. Later in the day, the whole school gathered together in the Playground in a time of Reflection, flowers were made and carried in a procession by pupils from each class.

The Life of Mary:

We have been celebrating during the Month of May and reflecting on the life of Mary, the Mother of Jesus. The photographs show the Rosary Groups in Lara’s Garden which have taken place during Lunchtimes. They also show the special Key Stage 2 Prayer and Reflection Assembly, where all of the children were able to join in and say the prayers of the Rosary.

Raising Money for CAFOD:

The Spiritual Life Committee and the School Council chose CAFOD as the charity to raise money for during Lent and as part of the work of the school during the Year of Mercy.

A biscuit sale was organised, which was a success. These photographs show Pyjama Day – where the children donated £1 to wear their pyjamas and nightclothes to school.

We will let you know the total amount we raised through the newsletter.

Easter Story:

Reception Class learnt about the Easter Story. The children then re-enacted the story, in costume. These photographs show how our youngest children have made the story of Jesus real for them.

Easter Assembly:

At the end of the term we held an Easter assembly. This focused on the stations of the Cross and each class created pictures as part of this. It was a moving assembly which ended with Jesus being taken down from the cross and carried out; the children then left the hall in silence as a mark of respect.

Trussell Trust Charity:

Thank you to all for the incredible number of food donations for the Trussell Trust Charity, organised by the Spiritual Life Committee just before Christmas.


The Mass was held in the School Hall and Father Azad celebrated with us.