School Events

Well-being Week 2020

The children enjoyed returning to school in January to well-being week . They  took part in various sporting and fitness activities, they enjoyed learning to cook various savoury foods such as soda bread, hummus, cereal bars and learned about healthy eating. 

Time and Talents Visit 2019

Children from Year 5 worked on a Mayflower themed project with the Senior Citizens at the local Time and Talents Centre.  The children enjoyed the art work and  both young and old enjoyed talking and getting​ to know each other. 

Music 2019

Farewell Mrs Sinfield!

A Farewell to our Music Teacher Mrs Sinfield who retired after working at St John’s since 2000.

Performance Opportunities

Sporting Events 2019

Here are some photographs of sporting events from across the school (Summer 2019).

Easter Hat Parade 2019

Here is a collction of pictures taken recently of our amazing children showing off their wonderful designs for the Easter Hat Parade. The theme for this year was “Love to Learn”.

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International Day 2018

This was a great success! It was wonderful to see children in their international dress from so many diferent countries and also wearing the colours of their flag. The morning began with an assembly to celebrate the rich international diversity of our school. The flag parade was a great way to end the day and the half term! A colourful spectacle of flags from around 50 different countries. Thank you for your support!

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Violin Concert

The children who have been learning to play the violin gave a concert at the end of the term.

It was lovely to see the progress they have made and they are now ready to take their Grade Exams next term!

Time & Talents

A group from Year 4 enjoyed working on an Intergenerational Art Project at the Time and Talents Centre. They worked with local senior citizens and enjoyed decorating bags together.

Bananagram at lunchtimes!

The children in KS2 have been enjoying the word game of Bananagram at lunchtimes. This is a game where you make words with letter tiles! We are currently holding the Championships to see who our School Bananagram Champion will be.

International Day

47 countries were represented in our Flag Parade on the International Celebration Day. We are very proud of how diverse our school community is and this was a very special day, allowing us to celebrate the many cultures within our school. 

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London Day

When term began in September 2017 we enjoyed a whole school focus on London. Here are photographs from the celebration day and the Royal Tea Party.

Summer Fete 2017

Year 5 and 6 pupils organised and held a Summer Fete for the younger children in the school. This was a great success and their organisation was excellent. A wonderful afternoon for all!

Recorder Concert 2017

Following on from over a term of recorder lessons from Southwark Music Services Years 3 and 4 put on a Recorder Concert for the children in KS2 and their parents and families. The children played a number of songs and performed with poise and a sense of occcasion. The children in Year 3 played the Descant recorder, whilst the children in year 4 progressed onto the Treble recorder. The concert was enjoyed by all!

Violin Concert

The children in Year 3 have been learning to play the Violin with a specialist Music Teacher. They invited their parents in to come and hear them play. They played a number of pieces of music – there were solos, trios and whole group performances.

Splash 2017: How High the Moon

Children from Years 5 and 6 enjoyed performing at the Royal Festival hall in the Summer Splash Show entitled ‘How High the Moon.

Easter Hat Parade 2017

Here are photographs from the Easter Hat Parade 2017 – the theme this year was a wish for the world. As always the creativity was amazing. Themes include a wish for world peace, a greener world, an end to world poverty, a wish for education for all and many more.