Learning Outside the Classroom

The children have been on so many trips and had many different ‘learning outside the classroom opportunities’ since September. Please click on the thumbnails below and have a look at the photographs of some of the experiences.

EYFS learning outside

Here are photographs of Early Years pupils enjoying learning outside the classroom opportunities in the school grounds and in the local area.

KS1 Classes Learning Outside

Here are photographs of Learning Outside the Classroom opportunities in KS1. The children enjoy exploring the local area and also going on trips by public transport to places close by.

Lower KS2 Learning Outside

Here are photographs of Year 3 and Year 4 learning outside the classroom, which is a very important part of our curriculum. Trips link to the topics being studied and allow the children to experience deeper learning. Trips include Museums, Greenwich Golf Range, Theatre and other venues in London.

Upper KS2 Learning Outside

Here are photographs of some of the wider opportunities pupils in Year 5 and 6 experience when learning outside the classroom. Links are made with themes being studied and writing opportunities benefit from real life experiences. All trips use public transport as children need to learn to travel safely and widely across London.


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