School Events

Music 2019

Farewell Mrs Sinfield!

A Farewell to our Music Teacher Mrs Sinfield who retired after working at St John’s since 2000.

Performance Opportunities

Sporting Events 2019

Here are some photographs of sporting events from across the school (Summer 2019).

Easter Hat Parade 2019

Here is a collction of pictures taken recently of our amazing children showing off their wonderful designs for the Easter Hat Parade. The theme for this year was “Love to Learn”.

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International Day 2018

This was a great success! It was wonderful to see children in their international dress from so many diferent countries and also wearing the colours of their flag. The morning began with an assembly to celebrate the rich international diversity of our school. The flag parade was a great way to end the day and the half term! A colourful spectacle of flags from around 50 different countries. Thank you for your support!

For a larger view, please click on the thumbnails below.

Violin Concert

The children who have been learning to play the violin gave a concert at the end of the term.

It was lovely to see the progress they have made and they are now ready to take their Grade Exams next term!

Time & Talents

A group from Year 4 enjoyed working on an Intergenerational Art Project at the Time and Talents Centre. They worked with local senior citizens and enjoyed decorating bags together.

Bananagram at lunchtimes!

The children in KS2 have been enjoying the word game of Bananagram at lunchtimes. This is a game where you make words with letter tiles! We are currently holding the Championships to see who our School Bananagram Champion will be.

International Day

47 countries were represented in our Flag Parade on the International Celebration Day. We are very proud of how diverse our school community is and this was a very special day, allowing us to celebrate the many cultures within our school. 

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London Day

When term began in September 2017 we enjoyed a whole school focus on London. Here are photographs from the celebration day and the Royal Tea Party.

Summer Fete 2017

Year 5 and 6 pupils organised and held a Summer Fete for the younger children in the school. This was a great success and their organisation was excellent. A wonderful afternoon for all!

Recorder Concert 2017

Following on from over a term of recorder lessons from Southwark Music Services Years 3 and 4 put on a Recorder Concert for the children in KS2 and their parents and families. The children played a number of songs and performed with poise and a sense of occcasion. The children in Year 3 played the Descant recorder, whilst the children in year 4 progressed onto the Treble recorder. The concert was enjoyed by all!

Violin Concert

The children in Year 3 have been learning to play the Violin with a specialist Music Teacher. They invited their parents in to come and hear them play. They played a number of pieces of music – there were solos, trios and whole group performances.

Splash 2017: How High the Moon

Children from Years 5 and 6 enjoyed performing at the Royal Festival hall in the Summer Splash Show entitled ‘How High the Moon.

Easter Hat Parade 2017

Here are photographs from the Easter Hat Parade 2017 – the theme this year was a wish for the world. As always the creativity was amazing. Themes include a wish for world peace, a greener world, an end to world poverty, a wish for education for all and many more.

Love of Reading September 2016

We continue with our Love of Reading focus. When the children returned to school in September we launched a 2 week project celebrating 100 years of Roald Dahl and 150 years of Beatrix Potter. This included a dress up day where the children wrote in role and enjoyed a themed tea party, where they created Roald Dahl style food which was enjoyed by all!

The Recorder Concert

The Recorder Concert for Years 3 and 4 was a great success! After 16 weeks of lessons the standard at which the children were playing the Descant and Alto Recorder was very impressive! Thank you to the many parents and families who came along to watch.”

Sports Day 2016

Here are some moments from the Sports Days held in July. Well done to the parents who joined in the Parent Race at the end!


Below is a video showing our Year 5 & 6 classes taking part in a fantastic show at the Royal Festival Hall, it was this years Southwark ‘Splash’ event and was called ‘Shakespearia’.

To watch the video, please click on the play button.

Enterprise Week 2016

Our Enterprise Week was a great success! Each class had £40 and the aim was to make a profit. Well done to year 4 who made £151.90 by selling rice crispy cakes! This was the largest amount.

Easter Hat Parade 2016

The theme for the Easter Hat Parade 2016 was the Love of Reading. The creativity was amazing and it was a wonderful sight to see hats representing favourite books, authors and characters and the pleasure of reading.

It was very difficult for the judges from Tescos to decide on winners so well done to everyone! We greatly appreciate the support from Tescos and Surrey Quays! Shopping Centre. Thank you to all families for making this such a success!

Chinese New Year Celebration 2016

Students from the Southbank University came to St. John’s with an amazing performance to celebrate Chinese New Year. The children enjoyed Chinese song, dance and Martial Arts displays. They were also taught some words from the Chinese language.

The children from KS2 thoroughly enjoyed this experience.

Time and Talents Art Club

A group of pupils from Year 4 went to the local Time and Talents Art Club where they worked alongside local senior citizens. This was part of an inter generational large-scale art project. Both parties really enjoyed the experience and we were delighted to be asked to take part.

French Day

On February 12th 2016 the children enjoyed a French Day. The day began with French greetings of ‘Bonjour’ at the School Gate and the children then enjoyed a breakfast of Croissants and Chocolate Milk.

Lessons were held in French – for example some children learnt how to say colours in French, others learnt the names of body parts. The children also learnt a little about France and the French culture. At the end of the day there was an assembly for the children to share their work from the day.


This year one of the areas we are promoting to children and families is the Love of Reading. Every half term children in KS1 enjoy reading and sharing a book with older children in KS2 .

These photographs show the Reading Buddies in action.

Splash 2015

Southwark Splash Concert at the Royal Festival Hall in December 2015.

Alice in Wonderland Celebration

The celebration of 150 years of the Alice in Wonderland novel was marked by a very special occasion.

To encourage a love of reading Alice in Wonderland has been a whole school focus in September and the children have enjoyed English, Maths, Science. Art etc linked to the theme.

In addition, the children enjoyed the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party and here are some photographs of the children enjoying dressing up as characters and in role at the party.

International Month: Flag Parade.

50 different countries were represented at the Flag Parade. This was a colourful event and a real celebration of the international diversity of our school.

International Festival October 2014


24 Competition June 2014

Saint John’s hosted a 24 competition in their hall recently. Nine schools from around the borough took part in the competition. Saint John’s children did very well and came third in the competition.

Easter Hat Parade 2014 – Theme: St. John’s Gospel and Easter

Easter Activity Afternoon.

Thank you to all the parents who helped to organise and run this fun afternoon for the pupils.

Art Gallery

As part of Art Week, each class read a story and created a picture based on this. Children’s work was then framed and showcased at a gallery in the school hall.

Author visit from Mo O’ Hara

Year 2 visit The Museum of London and the Globe Theatre

As part of History and Literacy, year 2 had the opportunity to visit these two fantastic venues. Children dressed up at the museum and made videos about The Great Fire of London. At the Globe, we sat in different viewing areas.

Lloyds Bank joined us for Give and Gain Day

We were very lucky to have volunteers to work with us as part of Give and Gain day. Some of the volunteers worked in class with the children doing fun activities on an International theme and others were outside planting and tidying the outside areas.

Art Week 2013

As part of Art Week, all children had the opportunity to design a plate with the school logo. The pupils worked with artists to help them design their plates. Have a look at some of the creative plates below.

To celebrate Saint George’s Day at Saint John’s, children were asked to accessorise their uniforms by wearing red and white. All children in the school practised and sang our National Anthem. Have a look at some of the creative accessories children wore.

The children of St. John’s School took part in Shell Science Workshops this term.
Here are some photos of the children enjoying their workshop.

We really enjoyed these workshops and in the past have even featured in the video on the Shell Education website. Take a look here or click on the image below to watch the video.

The Easter Hat Parade this year was an amazing success! The new international theme inspired many spectacular creations and was a celebration of the many different nationalities we have at St. John’s!

Here are photographs of the children on the way to the shopping centre.

Here are photographs of the children at surrey Quays Shopping Centre.

The whole school celebrated Book Week in April 2013 with lots of activities throughout the week and a final celebration at the end of the week for children and staff to dress up as a book character.

All the children in Key Stage 2 took part in the “igospel” concert at the Festival Hall called “Sing Inspiration!”
Thank you to the many parents and family members who came along to watch the children sing on stage.