Learning Outside of the Classroom

St. John’s School won the LOtC (Learning Outside the Classroom) Primary School Award for 2011. This was a national award and our school was chosen as the overall winner from all Primary schools nationally. In addition, St John’s School was awarded Learning Outside the Classroom Silver Status in 2014.

Trips and activities are planned by teachers independently or in key stages linking to topics being studied and they take place throughout the year. The formal curriculum is delivered through high quality experiences which often includes visits. Every curriculum area is enriched through trips and LOtC activities.

Every class plans for trips and LOtC activities relevant to the children’s age and also to the topics being studied.

I love going to the woodlands, because we are seeing different birds and hearing birds sing


Tower Bridge

Year 4 went to Tower Bridge and took part in an exciting Coding workshop. They use code to make a model of Tower Bridge open and shut. 

Stubbers Centre Residential 2019

The Year 4 pupils from St John’s and St James the Great had an amazing couple of days on a residential (Stubbers Centre) in November 2019. They tried many different activities and had a great time sleeping in dormitories together!

LOTC Summer Term 2019

EYFS learning outside

Here are photographs of Early Years pupils enjoying learning outside the classroom opportunities in the school grounds and in the local area.

KS1 Classes Learning Outside

Here are photographs of Learning Outside the Classroom opportunities in KS1. The children enjoy exploring the local area and also going on trips by public transport to places close by.

Lower KS2 Learning Outside

Here are photographs of Year 3 and Year 4 learning outside the classroom, which is a very important part of our curriculum. Trips link to the topics being studied and allow the children to experience deeper learning. Trips include Museums, Greenwich Golf Range, Theatre and other venues in London.

Upper KS2 Learning Outside

Here are photographs of some of the wider opportunities pupils in Year 5 and 6 experience when learning outside the classroom. Links are made with themes being studied and writing opportunities benefit from real life experiences. All trips use public transport as children need to learn to travel safely and widely across London.


Ofsted recognised the ‘Good Practice’ of LOtC at Saint John’s and have written a report. Click on the link below to read their report.

OFSTED Good Practice – St. John’s

Ofsted Quote from 2016 report

‘Pupils receive an education which is at least good at this school. They are rightly proud of their school and enjoy the exciting range of activities the staff organise, including BMX biking, sailing and dragon boat racing, and the many visits to museums, theatres or places of industry. You and your team believe in providing opportunities to inspire pupils in their learning and broaden future career choices, such as the recent visit to a national newspaper to find out first-hand about journalism and to reinforce the importance of fluency in writing.’

Art Gallery

page Year 3 and 4 went to the Dulwich Picture Gallery where they learnt about techniques involved in water colour painting and enjoyed a practical workshop.

Learning Outside the Classroom Opportunities

We regularly use the local area for Learning Outside the Classroom Opportunities – our school is in a very unique area of London with easy access to the woodlands, local transport, Canada Water Library and various services.

Outside learning

Here are some more photographs of Learning Outside the Classroom in the school grounds.

Museum of Docklands

Year 1 trip to the Museum of Docklands.

City of London Archives

Year 3 trip to the City of London Archives for a workshop.

Outside Learning

Here are photographs of Learning Outside the Classroom in the school grounds – Science lessons in Years 4 and 5.

Surrey Docks Farm

Nursery trip to Surrey Docks Farm Young Piglets Club takes place every month.

Year 4 Golfing Trip

Grand Schools Ceilidh

Year 4 pupils took part in the Grand Schools Ceilidh, part of the Illuminate Rotherhithe Project.
Here is the link to the details and photographs of the event,


Time and Talents Centre

Some children from year 4 worked with local senior citizens on an intergenerational art project at The Time and Talents Centre.

Year 2 visit the Museum of London

Year 2 enjoying their trip to the Museum of London. This was part of their work on the Fire of London.

Year 6 Sailing lessons and Dragon Boat Racing with St. James’ the Great School

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Year 2 trip to Greenwich

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Year one visit to Deptford Creek

Below are some pictures of our year one pupils visiting Deptford Creek and enjoying pond dipping.

Year two visit to Hornimans Museum

Below are some pictures of our year two pupils visiting the Hornimans Museum in Dulwich.

Year 4 at The Wetland Centre in Barnes

Here are some pictures of our Year Four pupils having fun at The Wetland Centre in Barnes. The Wetland Centre is an urban oasis for wildlife and people, just 10 minutes from Hammersmith.  You can Stroll among the lakes, ponds and tranquil gardens.


BBC 10 Pieces Project

Year 4 and 5 took part in workshops linked to the BBC 10 Pieces Project.This was a whole school project based on listening and responding to classical music. Year 4 and 5 worked with a composer to create a piece of body percussion dance which was performed to other schools.

We meet Dee Shulman

The girls from KS2 got an opportunity to meet the author Dee Shulman at a talk at Canada Water Library.

Year 6 at the Royal Court

Year 6 at the Royal Court – a project called Theatre of Law.

Year 6 at Pizza Express – May 2014

Year 6 at HSBC (Canary Wharf) June 2014


Year 2 in London Spring 2014

Recently, Year 2 went along the River Thames to look at London Landmarks. They looked closely at their chosen landmark and wrote fantastic riddles about them.

Year 3 visit to HMS Belfast

Have a look at our Year 3 children on their recent trip to the HMS Belfast.

Year 2 in the Woodlands

Year 2 were studying Traditional Tales. They pretended to be Little Red Riding Hood as she skipped through the forest and recorded all the things they could see, smell, hear and touch.

KS2 children singing Christmas Carols at The Shard.

Various classes Learning Outside the Classroom


Year 6 Trip to Pizza Express at Shad Thames

Excellence in Southwark – Year 6 singing

Year 6 sang at Goldsmiths College

Year 2 Trip

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 Year 1 Trip

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Year 6 at The Shard

Year 6 at Frankie and Benny’s Restaurant

Year 1 Trips

Year 5 Dance Festival at The Laban Centre