Our School in action!

Below you will find a series of picture galleries of our children both at school and away on trips. We will be constantly updating this page so please keep checking back for new information.

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Our School

Reading Buddies
As part of a recent reading project, KS2 read alongside children from the younger classes. The children really enjoyed this experience.

During autumn 2013 children at Saint John’s won awards for various reasons. Here are just a few photos of these achievements.

Governor Badge Competition
The Governors asked the children to design new badges for them to wear. A winner was chosen from each class. Have a look at the fantastic winning designs.

Here are some photos taken at the KS2 Christmas Carol Concert.

Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 visited London Zoo to see ‘The Living Nativity’.

Here are some photos of the clothes we recycled to Waste Busters.

For the month of October, teachers and children said The Rosary in Lara’s Garden during lunch-time.

Every year we hold a whole-school mass at the beginning of the new academic year in the school hall. The children enjoy celebrating this special mass with Father Thomas.

June Winners

Eagle Heights visit Saint John’s
The Green Team decided to invite Eagle Heights to our school to show us some of their ‘Birds of Prey’.
The children had a fantastic assembly with an eagle, a falcon, a hawk and a barn owl.

Here are the pictures created by children for a local construction company which are on show at a local building site.

Chris Collins (Blue Peter Gardener) works with the children and adults at Saint John’s.

The Green Team at Borough Market with the Blue Peter gardener.

The Green Team at the Rainforest Cafe interviewing Sky Newsreader Charlotte Hawkins

Sing Inspiration Concert at The Festival Hall (KS2)

Easter Hat Parade 2013


Road Safety Theatre in Education

KS2 children learning about road safety

Year 6 at The Shard

Some photos of the views from The Shard and the Year 6 children

KS2 Carol Concert

Some photos of the actors involved in the KS2 Carol Concert 2012

Year 5 Dance

Below are some photos of the Year 5 children performing at the Laban Centre.

Teachers from Portugal

Below you will find a gallery of pictures taken from our Portuguese Teachers visit.

Teachers from China

Below you will find a gallery of pictures taken from our Chinese Teachers visit.

PGL Trip

See our children in action at PGL

Year 6 performing at Goldsmiths College in the Splash Concert

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Maths Week puzzle

Here are our children working out some puzzles during Maths Week.

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Year 6 Maths Quiz

The children are developing their green fingers in these pictures.

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Green Flag

Here are our Green Flag children in action in and around the school.

Cross Country

See our children running a cross country race and accepting their certificates.

After School Clubs

Some pictures taken at our many different after school clubs.