Snowy days!

The children enjoyed the snowy day on Wednesday. They went out into the playground in groups to play in the snow and for some younger children this was their first experience of this!

KS2 SATS Parent Workshop 2018

Thank you to the Parents who attended the KS2 SATS Parent Workshop. The Powerpoint for the session can be found on the Parent Page.

Amazing Learning Opportunities

Don’t forget to have a look at our LOtC page as so many amazing activities have taken place with some fantastic photo opportunities

Nativity 2017

We are so very proud of our gifted and talented children here at St John’s Primary School. The absolutely breathtaking performance

Aviva Christmas Card Competition Winners

We are delighted that 2 children from Year 4 were chosen as Winners in the Christmas Card Competition run by Arriva Rail London. The children beat competitors and won first and second prize! The winning design will be on display in Rotherhithe Station.

International Day

47 countries were represented in our Flag Parade on the International Celebration Day.

London Day

When term began in September 2017 we enjoyed a whole school focus on London.

Summer Fete 2017

Year 5 and 6 pupils organised and held a Summer Fete for the younger children in the school. This was a great success

Recorder Concert 2017

Following on from over a term of recorder lessons from Southwark Music Services Years 3 and 4 put on a Recorder Concert

Violin Concert

The children in Year 3 have been learning to play the Violin with a specialist Music Teacher.